martes, 4 de enero de 2011

La Stravaganza

La Stravaganza
Sculpture of the 1994

Bo´s transition from his painted wooden wall reliefs of the 1990s to his freestanding sculpture of the 1994. At this time he executed some freestanding reliefs, which rested either on carved bases or directly on the ground (for example, La gulu 1993-96, Private Collection, Canada). Biomorphic elements like those attached to the wall reliefs gradually separated into independent forms and assumed positions in fully three dimensional ensembles, such as Bell and cell 1992, Bo began sculpting wood and modeling plaster in the round, he made figurative torsos. suggest general processes of growth, crystallization, and Music metamorphosis, rather than specific motifs drawn from nature.
Stravaganza, however, is not one continuous form but two separable elements. Both conceptually and physically, this work is a unit composed of discrete parts

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